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"I simply cannot thank you enough. I cried when I saw myself in the mirror, it fits so well, and is so beautiful. I don't dess up often, but with everything that is the awfulness of 2020 I wanted something special for the end of the year with my husband. Although this dress was not necessarily for that when I contacted you, it absolutely is now! 

Your work is just impeccable and the fact that you made something for me with just measurements is crazy to me! 

This means more to me than I ever can say. Thank you. Thank you so very much!"

Megan, December  17, 2020

"ADORABLE ! So beautifully made, such attention to detail. The fabric is lovely. I’m tickled to death. Thank you!"

Courtney, December 1, 2020

"I love this mask! There's ear loops in addition to the ribbon so it's very secure, but still easy to move for a restaurant. It's perfect for when you want to dress up and stay safe at the same time. And with the holidays coming up and COVID not leaving anytime soon, I'm gonna get plenty of wear!"

Claudia, September 30, 2020


I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Teenage me would be proud to know that grownup me has not changed one bit. The pandemic is a Very Bad Thing but getting to wear this mask is sweet. The piece is top-quality and the turnaround time was as promised. A million thanks as well to the shop for graciously accommodating my request for a custom size. I love it!! Everyone wear your mask! 

Abigail, July 29, 2020

"This has been an utter delight to wear around. It's very well constructed, and I get compliments on it everyday. I'm probably going to buy more for my friends so we can walk around the beach like a flock of plague doctor birds."

Candie, August 11, 2020


Dress turned out amazing!!! Thank you so so much!!

Aimee Channon

Feb 23, 2016 - Mermaid Skater Dress

 I am beyond thrilled with my Sith robe. It is gorgeous and super comfy. A bit long, but I am only 5'5" so that was expected. 5 out of 5 stars

Brittnie Dugas

Feb 18, 2016 - Sith Robe - Black

I wore this for the day "The Force Awakens" came out and got so many compliments on it. Its easy to wear, comfortable, and it was some of the best money I've spent. Thanks a bunch, Lady Lauren!

Stephanie Lunceford

Dec 22, 2015 - Custom Order

Super cute top that is functional too! Quality materials and excellent stitching will keep me working out for a long time (and looking excellent too!) Thank you!




Jane Kenstein

Dec 17, 2015 - Wonder Gym Tank

Fantastic quality I love it. They were great to work with and answered all my questions. Shipped on time.





Tiffany Chen

Nov 26, 2015 - White Silk Long Line Waist-Training Corset

This mermaid skirt was PERFECT for my costume outfit! I absolutely loved it! ♥️ I was afraid it wasn't going to come in time because I ordered it late but it came in plenty of time for when I needed it!




Nov 21, 2015 - Mermaid Derby Skirt

I'm in love! The corset fits perfectly! It was speedily done and sent to me.(In about a months time, for a custom corset I'm super super impressed) It even came with instructions for care and wear. I'll be recommending CastleCorsetry to everyone I know!

Melissa Richmond

Sep 24, 2015 - Retro Gamer Waist Cincher 

Absolutely stunning. I bought this sith robe and I love it! I messaged Lauren from CastleCorsetry because I'm a very short person and I had concerns the robe might be to long for me to wear. She made a shorter version for me and it's perfect. It's a lot of fabric and well-made. The garment has a lot of movement and it is really fun to wear. It's quite expensive but it's worth every cent and I can't wait to wear it at StarWarsCon!

Jessica Gernandt

Sep 20, 2015 - Sith Robe

Just got it, first thing I did was try it on- looks fantastic. Great fit for those of us (me) who've been blessed with a monumental caboose. Love it!

Mor Sommer Yakov

Sep 17, 2015 - Mermaid Derby Skirt

LOVE these leggings so much! They are thicker so you don't feel like they are going to fall apart after wearing them 10 times. I've had a crazy amount of compliments on them! Love love love!💚

Vanessa Klein

Jul 24, 2015 - Mermaid Leggings

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