How fast is your turnaround time?

Generally speaking, I like to have 1-3 weeks for masks, 6-8 weeks for corsets and 2-3 months for costume commissions. If you need something faster than that, feel free to contact me. Just don’t get upset when I tell you no.

Do you make costumes?
Seriously? Did you bother to look at any of my sites or social media before sending me a message? Yes- I make TONS of costumes, like literally over a hundred a year and there are easily accessible and searchable pictures all over the internet.


Do you make custom corsets?
I would normally get super snarky and say something about my business name being Castle Corsetry however I understand you could see one of my more popular ones and think I only make that. Yes, I make custom corsets of all sorts of variety and size.


Do you make plus-sized corsets?
If you look through my pictures, you will see several plus-sized models in the shoots, and I make corsets for plus-sized ladies all the time. My ready-to-wear underbust corset patterns go up to size 40”, which will fit ladies with up to 50” waists. Anything larger will need to be custom made to the clients’ specifications.


How do I place an order?
You gotta get through to Lauren to approve, finalize and put together your paperwork. Be patient and I will get back to you. If you haven’t heard from me in a while, it’s probably because I am swamped. I’ll get to you when I can. Contact me HERE for custom inquiries.

How much are your costumes?
Each piece is custom made and each costume has varying degrees of detail and labor and everyone’s body is different. Prices are based on amount of labor, materials, and complexity.  It is literally impossible to give you a price quote without having discussed material needs (including design, fabric, size, deadline, etc..), complexity, and estimating labor hours for the piece. I need all the details first, reference pictures, and a chance to price materials before I can ever give a quote. Rush orders pay a fee to be rushed. Just so you know, custom costumes generally start at at least $300. I cannot work within unreasonably low budgets. Please consider that every order requires a ton of my expertise in pattern drafting, fabric sourcing and construction. I do not keep anything in stock. 


Do you have one of (X) costume ready-made that I can buy? 
No, every costume commission is custom made-to-order. I do have a small range of corsets available in each size at any given time though.
Can you work out payment plans?
I require a deposit of 50% of the total to begin work on any piece. This is non-refundable as I will purchase materials soon after receiving the deposit and if you change your mind, I cannot be left holding the bag (of materials). The remaining balance is due upon completion and before shipping.


Can I waist train in your corsets? 
You absolutely can waist train in my long line corsets, but I would not recommend my cinchers for waist training. The long lines are built with double layers of heavy cotton twill with double-boned seams. I only use European spring and spiral steel in them. Generally, I make my cinchers using German plastic boning (which is amazing boning that doesn't warp or snap) unless you upgrade them to steel for an additional $25. 

Can you make me a Playboy Bunny corset?
Sadly, if you're not in the Los Angeles area I cannot make a 'bunny' style corset for you. They involve multiple fittings and must be done in person. I'd be happy to make an over bust corset for you with just measurements, but can't do the bunny style.

Do you make armor?
I do not make armor but I have a great relationship with several people who do and have made some of the great pieces you see on some of my work. I am happy to refer you to any of those talented people.


Do you make latex or PVC garments?

I have not had a chance to experiment with latex at all and probably won’t have the time for a good long while. Best to get those pieces elsewhere.

Can you make (X) corset in a different color?

I can pretty much get fabrics in any color, as I have access to the wonderful Downtown LA fashion district. I do not, however, make my own printed fabrics, so those are stuck in the colors you see.


Can you make a corset with (X) print on it?

If you can find the fabric, I’m more than happy to make you a corset from it, but I do not design my own fabrics as of yet. Please send me a link to the fabric you like and I can confirm whether or not I can do it.

Can you rhinestone (X) thing for me?
Hell yes! We love getting rhine-stoned up in Castle Corsetry. But be warned – we only use the highest quality glass-cut crystals and they do run rather expensive. Bras start at around the $300 mark and will go up based on cup sizes. Please PM me with your bra size and design for a custom quote.

Do you make kids’ costumes?
At this time, I do not make items for children under the age of 16. Due to the rather expensive nature of my custom commissions, I don't feel comfortable taking on orders for kids who are still growing. Thanks for your understanding!

Do you make men’s’ costumes?
I mainly work on women’s costuming, so most of our photos will reflect that. Please send a reference photo of what you're after and I'll see if I can help!  

Will you send me progress pics?
Ain’t nobody got time for that.


Where can I get that awesome Mermaid Shell top as seen with your awesome Mermaid leggings?
The shell tops are from Adorkable Apparel, as mentioned in my mermaid listings.


Will you send me free products in exchange for advertising?
I don't generally send out free products to any companies with less social reach than I already have. Corsets are very expensive to make, so I have to pick and choose where I send things for advertising trades.  


I hope this answers some of the questions I get most often. Please let me know if there are any questions you think I should add to the note to help others out. Thanks!